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Headgears / Headwraps / Bandanas / Head accesorys

Krayt Siordan Darth Talon Seela Eleena
Krayt headwrap Siordan bandana headwrap Darth Talon head armor


  For Oola, Miela,
Ann y Tann Gella

Queen Krayt

Under construction

With long sides:
Aayla Secura

Under construction


Long sides: Xiaan Amersu


Under construction

Vashna Rackus Nima Steampunk Vintage goggles
Steampunk Vintage goggles
Vashna headwrap Rackus bandana

Center Symbols

Xiaan Amersu Vette Oola Eleena Daru Sharp SWTOR A Gem SWTOR B
    For Oola, Miela,
Ann y Tann Gella,
B'ink Utrila, etc

Ear-cones / Tacks / Ornaments

Normal Ear-cones Oola Ear-cones Enki Ear-cones    

Enki ear cones has base custom color (red, blue, green, skin, white, purple, turquoise, etc.). For the second color recommend silver, golden or cupper,
but can choose unpainted
or any matt color

    Spikes Real Shells Tacks and Gears

Spots and Templates for lekku

Simple spots pattern Simple spots pattern
Marble pattern
Second color in tips  
Made with latex
Custom color
Made with latex
Custom color
Made with latex
Custom color
Made with latex
Custom color
Made with latex
Custom color
Darth Talon tattoos lekku TEMPLATE Hera tattoos lekku
Rachi Sitra tattoos lekku TEMPLATE 50 ml black makeup latex "for paint over skin and over lekku"   
Under construction Under construction    
printed in cardstock printed in cardstock printed in cardstock    

Materials used in this tutorial for use with templates

Darth Talon armor

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Darth Talon double belt

Armor available ir other colors


Use Contact for budgets

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