Latex lekku

Latex Lekku twi'lek headpiece (tentacles)
These are the tentacles, if you want accesories,
go to the Twi'lek props section :)
Can found the ear-cones and bandanas (headwraps)

READ BEFORE PURCHASE (contact me for order)

You probably need use prosthetic latex glue
(like Kryolan Mastix, Pros aide, etc.) you can buy at costume/disguise shops or online.


All props are made by request, please ask for timescale before ordering. When you make the payment, put it in the orders queue, and keep informed of the progress of it.

This work I do in my free time and may decrease the time for personal reasons than one month to another, is something I can not control. Then it may take approx. 2 weeks to make. Of course if ordered tattoos, headwraps or other props time will be greater. Maybe make it before but I can not promise finish earlier than said.
After, 1 or 3 weeks to delivery, depends where you live. It is best ordered with no hurry. Currently recommend asking budget at least 4 months before deadline or more.

Remember I close in August (heat only allows you crawled to the beach).

This year a heat wave is expected soon... when the heat wave arrives creating lekku is paralyzed.... latex items will not be make probably until September. You can write for budget, even take site in the order queue but knowing that until passes the heat will not make the lekku.

However, orders for leather, bandanas, armor, etc. will be accepted.


Actually has 3 options:

Ardana latex lekku

Daesha latex lekku

Liary latex lekku

More photos and videos in www.facebook.com/TwilekParadise



Give budget for simple tattoos, spots, wounds, bandages, straps and other accessories

This photo NO is the "Ardana" version, is an old short L lekku

More photos in Feedback, in facebook

Perfect for events, conventions and premieres science fiction films - Comic - Manga - Roleplaying - Halloween - Costume parties - Photoshoot - Carnival - Drag Queen - Clubs - Disco - Pubs, etc.

Red lekku for Darth Talon, Miela, Alora, Shakka, Yadira Ban, Eseni, Cassa Hun, B'ink Utrila, Xa, Darth Ruyn, and other lethan twi'leks

Blue lekku for Aayla Secura, Ann Gella and Tann Gella, Pampy, Eleena Daru, Astraal Vao, Alema Rar, Numa Rar, Mission Vao, Orykan Tamarik, Vette, Shado Vao, Pol Secura, and other rutian twi'leks

Green lekku for Oola, Cesi "Doc" Eirriss, Supi

White lekku for Lyn Me, Hadiya, Sinya

Skin/Flesh lekku for Bib Fortuna, Koyi Mateil, Kora Ryo, Koyi Komad, Rianna Saren

Aquamarine/turquoise/Teal lekku for Xiaan Amersu, Jari'kyn, Memah Roothes, Numa, and other rutian twi'leks

Bi-color lekku: Ayy Vida, Shaeeah Lawquane

Purple lekku: Lunae Minx, Rachi Sitra

Pink lekku: Suu Lawquane

Pistachio lekku for Hera Syndulla

Ask for other colors on request

597 pages of twi'leks in Star Wars Wiki Wookipedia

Mail me, please!!

I'll be happy to talk to you

Custom Props. Star Wars Costume latex lekku for sale. Kostüm Milchsaft Verschleiern cosplay Cacher Star Wars Kostüm Latex Lekku zum Verkauf Star Wars Costume latex lekku à vendre

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All props are made by request, please ask for timescale before ordering. When you make the payment, put it in the orders queue, and keep informed of the progress of it.

Always looking for extend the range of products, please, visit again in the near future for updates.

Is prohibited the recast or copying (either whole or partial) of any prop or any of its parts.

No responsible for customs taxes or customs delays



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