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Long and Short Latex Lekku and Props And Ahsoka togruta headpiece. Leather headbands, Darth Talon Armor, etc

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"Darth Talon costume going against gravity, against cold and heat, overcoming shyness" - Eva SL-7807

5 november 2012 - I love my new lekku (V3), so light, comfortable, and swayingwith the movement, I can not wait to use them!

1 february 2013 - Yuhu! another mold finished! L head size and short lekku, is really beautifull with these random tattos!

7 May 2013 - Lekku Talon v4, more comfortable, smoother and vibrant red.

22 July 2013 - CLOSED until september.

19 October 2013 - Halloween season finished.

3 november 2013 - Re-open orders for short lekku "Ardana" style

3 December 2013 - Open orders for long lekku "Daesha" style

3 January 2014 - Open orders for short lekku "Liary" style

3 March 2014 - Writing the CRL for Eleena Daru (I'm the first Eleena Daru legion501st approved ^o^ )

14 september 2014 - Halloween season finished.

1 september 2015 - "Episode VII - The Force Awakens PREMIERE" season is OPEN

22 November 2015 - NEW WEBSITE. AVAILABLE IN http://twilekparadise.com/

TWI'LEK PARADISE. Custom Props. Costume latex lekku for sale. Kostüm Milchsaft Verschleiern cosplay Cacher
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NEW WEBSITE. AVAILABLE IN twilekparadise.com